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Friday, April 13, 2007

The chalet was cancel cause small boy coudn't get any leave. Oh well, I accompanied my mum on wednesday's afternoon to run errands (pay bills, buy groceries & etc). Drop by Dinah's house to pay a visit to her dad who had been discharged from NUH. We were supposed to meet Jaz at Bukit Batok around 5pm but Dinah & I were a little late. The normal Dinah who tends to take long time to get ready. So, visit my grandma & that's when I get a bit emotional. I cried the moment my grandma tried to touch my hands. But I managed to walked out from the ward, crying like a little girl. Seeing my babes cry too made me feel that they are always there for me. I love that feeling of sisterhood when you're with your best girlfriends. When girls look out for each other, it can feel as close as family ties. We even make a deal to meet up at least once a month when they start schooling this monday. How I gonna miss them so much.

We hang around for a while before going back to Jaz house. Thanks Jaz for the chocolates & also the cute lil hair clips. Although the chocolates filled with liquor nearly burnt my throat, I still love the taste. The three of us were hungry & can't decide where to go. We played 'lon cham pas' to see who is the odd one & have to decide the place to eat. Jaz was the one & we had dinner at Jurong Point. We talked about everthing under the sun. Girly talks, I simply love it. Dinah's house next as it was still early to go home. We lived nearby to each other, so there's no problem in going back. Dinah's kitten sure grow big already. But not as big as my Kecik.

When Dinah's kitten was still few weeks. My family took care of it for a day. See how small it is when my dad feeds it.

Now, big & naughty kitten.

We slacked nearby Dinah's blk and play silly games. We girls sure know how to have fun. Babes, I love you both. Now, I miss my babe Eqin & Ira too. Meet up please.

Right now, I'm craving for chocolates cause my current wallpaper is full of chocolates. I'm getting one tomorrow.
It's getting late now. Time to hit the bed. It's calling me, especially the air-con. Oh, I'm meeting my small boy tomorrow. Missing him so much. And as I'm typing, Kecik is looking at the pc screen. So cute!

3:25 AM

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