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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I felt the tremor in the morning while I was checking me emails. I thought it was Kecik under my chair but Kecik was playing alone. Then again I felt it. It was so scary.

For the past few weeks been sleeping late. Insomnia kicking in I think. The only thing that I will do is to play the comp. Sigh. I'm tired actually. I'm deprived from sleep.

Okay move on for today, mum cooked chicken with black pepper sauce for small boy. I made hot chocolate drinks for him. I'm so gonna learn how to cook his favourite dish one day to surprise him that I can actually cook ok! We have the usual fried mars bar whenever we are at city hall. We roamed around to look for his specs & bought it at peninsula instead. We hit town next. Was planning to watch movie but nothing seems to be interesting. The reason for me to go town is to cut my hair but I just don't have the gut to cut it & also do threading. I'm thinking to cut my hair like next week. So since we are at cineleisure, we played daytona. Eventually small boy lose to me. Haha. Both of us were pretty hungry & were too lazy to walk down to far east plaza to have lunch. So we ate at pastamania. We ordered the creamy chicken, I think. But we didn't even finished it cause it was too creamy & the sauce was too thick for our tastebud.

Feeling disappointed, we went far east plaza instead. It was just my last minute idea to take neo-print. Been ages since I took it & I was like panicking on how to use it! It's our first time taking neo-prints as a couple. It turned out pretty well. This is not the neo-print. It's taken by my camera phone. Excuse the horrible hair. I was having bad hair day & so I just tied it. :(

We met Kak Dian halfway & off to have gelare. Half-price every tuesday. Shiok!

We searched around for his bermudas & finally after searching from 3rd level all the way to the 1st level, he bought it at 77th street. It took him like 1 hour to find it. That goes the same to Kak Dian of finding her clubing outfit and bought it at future state instead. Small boy met his work mates at wisma atria & went to work. Kak Dian & me have our dosage of starbucks since the night is still young.

We gossiped & chit-chat without realising it was nearly 12am. Cause of that, small boy scolded me. Cab home and just reached home an hour ago. My usb cable seems to be in good mood today & that's the reason for pictures post.

Btw, that's Dinah's kitten. Isn't it the cutest thing?

Oh, congrats dinah & jaz on getting the course that you want. I'm happy for both of you!

I'm a happy girl cause I ate good food today with good people around me. I better find for jobs asap. My money is depleting soon. I think I better sleep now as I need to run errand with mum tomorrow morning, if I can wake up. I hate waking up early! Oh yah, PMS sucks to the core! -.-"

2:08 AM

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