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Friday, February 23, 2007

Something wrong with the cable that I'm unable to upload pics. But it's ok though. It's been like nearly a week since I last update. All that I can say that I've been going out everyday except today.
So sunday night, kak nur bought Aqilah to my home & we spent the time serching for trifle, cheesecake, cookies recipes. It's easy & cheesy. I plan to bake when I have the opportunity.

Monday was sentosa outing with the girls but I didn't went eventually. I fetched small boy from his workplace & straight away back to his home to tutor his lil sis.

Since tuesday was still CNY holiday, mum, me & lil sis went to have lunch together after for so long. Visit my grandparents with kak nur along with her cute baby, Aqilah. Hit west mall to buy groceries and we had sushi. Yummy sushi. Drop by Kak Nur place & borrowed some chick flicks vcds. Kak Nur cooked baked pasta & lil sis told me it was yummy. Too bad I didn't have the chance to taste it cause I was on the way to Jaz house for CNY & also before her flight to Europe. Dinah & me had supper nearby & cab home.

Wednesday, dinah came over & watched the vcds. And I got back my exam results. All passed! I was expecting B grade for my Advertising though. But oh well, I'm contented. I'm still waiting for The Dynamics of Mass Communications results.

Thursday morning, having breakfast with mum & her friend before they went to work. Dinah's house next for my GP power point. Oh yes, that Microsoft CD cost a freaking $280! After doing the last minute work, we bought chicken chop for dinner. It's on the house for me. Accompanied Dinah to buy her make up. The funny thing is I was going back home in the taxi when I realised that my wallet was left at her house. Dinah ran all the way up to get it. After so long seeing her run, I was laughing in the taxi. But thanks babe! :)

So today was supposed to have lunch together with small boy but last minute changed for him. But we gonna spend the whole tomorrow with each other. Maybe we are catching a movie at town.

Since I've been going out for nearly a week, I intend to celebrate my Mum's birthday this coming sunday. It also marks 1 year of me blogging. Small boy & me had bought her gift a while back. I'm just excited for it. After my presentation on this coming tuesday, I'm officially finished school. So straight after that I'll be looking for jobs with Dinah.

That's quite a long entry. So now, I'm gonna cook sambal scrambled egg with hotdogs for dinner. Enjoy your weekend! TGIF!

7:35 PM

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