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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The past few days has been an awesome week for me. With so much going on, how can it not be awesome?

Valentines Day, 14 Feb. :)

Chill at Jaz house, 15 Feb.

Awesome tiramisu. Thanks Jaz! Uno, I'm on the luck side. Keep winning.

Power! Dinah kept losing.

Friday, 16 Feb.

Despite sleeping at 5am, I woke up at 7.30am to fetch small boy from work. Accompanied him to the doctor & back home to sleep.

Today, plan to go flea market. But small boy coudn't make it. So stay at home day & did some spring cleaning.

Plan; help dad, meet a seller, bloggers outing to sentosa, jaz house for cny, popeye with small boy, accompany sis to posb, buy microsoft word cd, do my gp power point & there's more to come.

& Kecik is getting big & obedient.

This is weird but I miss school! I miss being busy with doing assignments & copying notes. My life is like wasted cause there seems to be no direction. I simply go out or rot at home. I really need to find work soon. Been spending time with my babes before their school starts. And also before Jaz go europe for 2 weeks. Lucky babe! It will be a rare meet up if school starts for them.

I guess we'll see. Good night people!

Reply to taggers:

Ninnie: Relink done!

Aunt nora: No prob. Relink done!

Sheryl: Well hello gorgeous! Mwah!

Idahchix: Hello! Relink done & I'll drop by soon.

Edna: Oh sure!

Syasya: You mean samudera? I don't have. So sorry.

Mas: Hello! I hope you doing great. I'm not sure yet whether to go.

Babysassy: Thanks pretty!

Ain: Me too. :)

Yana: No prob.

10:38 PM

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