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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hopefully you will like the gifts that me, small boy & his mum bought for you. :)

I'm beat. Just reached home a few minutes ago. Tonight, I mean yesterday night, is such a sweet and fun night together with small boy, kak dian & her bf (small boy's workmate). Small boy & me dropped by city hall first to survey for his specs but none caught his attention. Whenever we are at city hall, it's a must for us to buy upsized fried mars bar.

Mars dipped in batter along with vanilla ice-cream, topped with hershey's chocolate syrup.

Lunch was next at cahaya while waiting for kak dian & her bf to reach far east plaza. The red patent bag is hot hot heat when I saw it & small boy bought it for me secretly. I didn't totally expected it. But thanks love! Made our way to the first floor for our couple ring. That's when we bumped into Kak dian & her bf. I'm loving the ring now. :) :) :)

We walked all the way from far east plaza in intend to watch movie at lido but we totally forgot that the road was closed for chingay. So we continued walking till we reached plaza singapura which is freaking far for me! That's the first & the last time I will walk. It was scorching hot! What's more with people packing around to watch the chingay.

That's the movie we watched. It was totally worth it. But still I want to watch Norbit.

After the movie, we sit outside PS. I told kak dian she has so much more to look forward to in her life. She has yet to go on to Uni. She did went for the interview for Emirates air stewardess. She got in but her bf reluctantly didn't agreed. But now, she's working at body shop & the pay is quite good. And that doesn't count the tuition she gave to students. Whereas for me, my life is pretty much unpredictable. I'm going to get done with my diploma soon, search for part time job to continue my advanced diploma. Once I get my dip, I will make use of it & find a proper job. You see, it's not easy to survive in Singapore. And that's pretty much my life. Where am I really headed for? I have to make choices. Not the choices make me. It really bugs me whenever I think of this.

But the most important thing of all, I have him who complete my life.

Every day is a new day to love you more.

12:55 AM

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