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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When I say life is good, life is good. I'm a happy person, and thats really good! It's like I'm happy most of the time. Almost everyday was meaningful, as in I didn't waste any of my time. I've had so much fun and good food that is to die for. It's like I woke up everyday smiling and telling myself that WHOA, it's a totally brand new day and I'm loving it so much. Deep down, I know I am genuinely happy. The previous weekend were a blast with small boy's family & also his bandmates.

So, update for yesterday. Went to school with small boy to show that damn receipt that I forgot to bring for my sub-paper. Vivo city after that. Stop for lunch first. Cockles kway teow is my new addiction, introduced by small boy. Not bad. Quite tasty & nice. I ended up spending money but thank god the tops were good bargain! The daiso 4.50sgd pillow, the chocolates & candies, the warm hug & kisses, it made the day complete. We cab to my home to slack, eating the chocolates & candies. Despite my mood swings, he never fail to make my day. For now, I will go drink some hot milo to ease the cramps & get cracking on with my GP. Have a very good afternoon!

Reply to taggers:

Aunt Nora: I've finished my exams already. Such a coincidence that your daughter are in Funkie Stylerz with Zilah. What a small world.

Wawakiss: Well hello & thanks for dropping by.

Aisha: Me too! We shall bump again another day.

Babysassy: Not sure yet. No one want to sponsor me. :(

Fyd: I check out f21 yesterday but don't have already. What a luck.

Nass: Happy belated 18th birthday!

Yanee: Sorry didn't drop by as I was not free that day but do tell me in advanced next time.

Mas: I miss you too & stay strong gf! Beep me if you need someone to talk to.

Shasha: Mass comm is uber fun! Do join & you will know it yourself.

Kyn: I get to know him through my friend. Regarding the other qns, we chat in msn ok!

Nurul: I'm a non-smoker & yes I did consumed alcohol before.

Fyd: I send you already right the other sweater? More gorgeous!

Jaz: Nvm. I will still wait for it ok.

Yanee: But their's are kinda expensive.

Ira: I miss you too. See you soon, ok.

Aunt nora: Hello! You too have a nice day.

1:07 PM

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