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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The weekend was an amazing one, great company, great time, great everything. I can go on forever. Even though it started quite bad, I was drenched at first as I accompanied small boy to his crib to take his working stuffs & it was raining heavily at his place. I nearly wanted to cancel meeting the girlfriends but I didn't, of course. Let's start on with last friday. Right, I was among the crowd at town with my gorgeous gilfriends, Mas, Fyd, Aisha & her bf, Sayuri & Shab. I met Mas & Fyd at city hall to pass Mas the guess watch and then spend time with small boy at citylink where we have our fried mars bar. Yummy! So, small boy went to work & I met Mas & Fyd at coffee bean, taka. We were killing time at taka while waiting for the others to arrive. We waited & waited but still to no avail and so the three of us went to far east plaza first as Mas was craving for fried mars bar. Me & fyd tried the triple C & it was not nice at all! Seriously, I should just buy fried mars bar again. After Sayuri arrived, we had dinner at cahaya. We taked & giggled non-stop. We bid each other goodbye after that & went home. It was a splendid day filled with fun, adrenaline rushes, thrills and spills. Did I just hear you girls hollar YES I AGREE? ; )

When new found girlfriends come out to play...

Shab, Sayuri & Aisha.

Us at cahaya.

We managed to squeeze into this small mirror.

Sayuri, Fyd, Mas, Shab, Aisha & me.

This was Sayuri's idea & it turned out well.

Goodbye then! Pics credit to Aisha & her camera. Not to forget, Aisha's bf for being the photographer.

Saturday, mum, sis & me went shopping. I don't know why mum insist on going out. First up, lunch at jurong point before we made our way to IKEA at queenstown. Mighty big and too crowded. We're gonna go back again for my soft toys, curtains, cupboard & etc. Haha. I want to bring home the whole of Ikea and throw away all my old stuff. Oh did I forget to say that I cleaned out my room? Threw away half my collection of accessories, make up, magazines, everything that was just lying there for a long time. Since queensway shopping centre was near, we made our way there. I was tired but mum was still in shopping mood. Got her stuffs and we eat again at Mcdonalads cause with all the walking done, we were very hungry. I saw my childhood friend, Irwan, working as the manager at Macdonald. The usual hi & bye and cab home.

My very kental accessories board.

Today, woke up feeling rather empty and void. But small boy came over for a while before he went to work. That makes my day actually. For now, loads of things to finish and study for my last paper! I'm losing concentration. Till then, all effort on studying. Oh no, Kecik just woke up from her sleep. Time to entertain her then.

Small boy, you hugged me tightly & never let me go. Despite the heavy rain, you gave up your jacket & umbrella to me. In the end, you were wet from head to toe. When I look into your eyes, you smiled and said, "You are my first priority & I will shield you no matter what happened".

7:54 PM

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