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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So, I visited small boy at his home yesterday. Cream puffs, chocolate fudge loaf, fruit tarts and chocolate drink from coffee bean made him delighted upon seeing those sweet stuffs. And when he's happy, I'm happy too. Spend the whole day with him and we played uno, congkak ( won 4 straight times in a row), watched vcds, taught his siblings homework. At night, buy for his twin brother birthday gift for this saturday celebration. Make a couple of round at metro & kiddy palace before we finally settled for 'finger pool'. Pool + carom being combined together. Get it? Pretty cool lah for a primary 3 kids. So we were hungry and attacked dendeng & otak-otak at the nearby pasar malam. I ended up taking cab home cause was too tired. I can't wait for this saturday, after my DMC paper. Birthday celebration with my in-laws small boy's family. It was overall a good day. Not that bad actually. Ok, I'm back to mugging. Yes, you people will say what a life I have. Study, study, study. But I'm up with no choice. Just 1 last paper & I will be free. Not that the free actually, still left with GP essay & oral presentation. Have a great afternoon!

You readers can ask me any questions about me, I mean anything & I will try to reply to your questions. This is fun! Quick will you!

11:19 AM

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