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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Most Random Questions You Will Ever Fill Out

1) What side of the heart do you draw first? Right.
2) Can you dive without plugging your nose? Yes.
3) What color is your razor? You mean shaver?
4) What is your blood-type? I don't know.
5) Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? My small boy.
6) What is a rumor someone has spread about you? I'm a playgirl. I still remember that hypocrite friend of mine who spread that rumours! Damn it!
7) How do you feel about carrots? I simply abhor veggies. But I love some only.
8) How many chairs at the dining room table? 6.
9) Which is the best Spice Girl? I used to like baby spice, Emma!
10) Do you know what time it is? 3.17pm
11) Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince theme? I'm clueless.
12) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? Press the alarm and wait for help. Call small boy first!
13) What's your favourite type of gum? Grape & mint.
14) T or F: All's fair in love and war? False.
15) Do you have a crush on anyone? Nope.
16) Do you know how to use some words correctly, but not know the meaning? Not any of the moment.
17) Do you like to sleep? Oh yes, definitely.
18) Do you know which US states don't use Daylight Savings? I don't know which state in particular actually..
19) Do you know the song Total Eclipse of the Heart? Nope.
20) Do you want a bright yellow '06 mustang? Nope.
21) What's something you've always wanted? Alot to list down. For now, I'm taking step by step to achieve my goals.
22) Do you have hairy legs? Normal lah.
24) Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake? I prefer swimming pools.
25) Do you wear a lot of black? Fair amount as the other colours I guess.
26) Describe your hair? Curly, black.
27) Do you have Entomophobia? What' that actually?
28) Which side of the ear do you plug your earpiece in first? I think right.
29) What's your current msn nickname? x o x o, iRaH.
30) Do you have a tan? Nope.
31) Are you a television addict? Actually no. Computer addict, maybe.
32) Do you enjoy spending time with your mother? Yeah especially having heart to heart talk with her. She's the best mum.
33) Are you a health freak? That's a definite no.
34) Do you like orange juice? Yes. But I prefer watermelon.
35) What sign are you? Gemini.
36) Where do you wish you were right now? Being in small boy's arms.

A very boring afternoon. No plan at all. Will be staying at home till tomorrow. Friday, meeting small boy, like finally. I feel like working but I want to get done with my GP first. Oh boy, what a day. I have the sudden thoughts of flea markets. It's been a while since I step into it. Been online shopping cause it's so addictive. I shall try to pop by any flea markets from now onwards. I think I better continue with my GP. Oh yeah, I love hot milo. *yawnz*

3:11 PM

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