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Monday, December 11, 2006

So I reckon I haven't been updating religiously now but don't ask me why, but I just go blank whenever I feel I should update. It's probably the same old thing everyday now, so there's actually nothing to actually blog about.

So recap for the last three days. Friday, sent small boy to work. That's the only time I get to spent time with him. Don't mind the long distance and the time consumed. Help at dad's shop for few hours only on sunday as he & mum attend a wedding. Off to causeway point with lil sis. Bought cavana's cheeseballs. So cheesy! I like. Yesterday, I had the sudden craved for fondue and gelare waffles in the middle of the night. I raid the kitchen to search for chocolates but there was none. So, nutella was the substitute. Not that sinful but at least satisfy my cravings. Sobs. Elighten me anyone?

Monday blues. Just reached home a moment ago, with a huge amount of exhaustion pressed all over my body. Tired mind, aching body. Dragged myself to school for PR as I was damn sleepy. Slept around 2am in intend to wait for small boy's to knock off from work. But gave up half way. I just can't take it. But on the way to school, grab myself chocolates (yeah!) & cleo too. Happy girl. Skipped afternoon class. A last minute plan to send small boy to work. Went his crib while waiting for him to get ready. Lunch over his mum's hot & spicy asam pedas. Hot, hot, heat! Run errand at yishun. Rain heavily and luckily we're in the bus already. Reached his work place quite early and so kill time at coffee bean. Endless conversations. For some reason, I found myself sitting and reminiscing the old times I had with small boy and just basically missing the light heartedness of our relationship that soared through most of the nights. :) I ordered chocolate ice blended with whip cream as usual but that forgetful barista made vanilla instead. Pissed me off.But oh well, I almost died of overindulgence today. I've been acting like a vaccum cleaner these days.Eating constantly despite the fact that I'm burping alot.I want to buy new shoes! Saw some pretty ones online but no size for me. I'm a size 40. Yeah, I know my feet is big.

2 more weeks and counting to the end of the fucking semester! Woohoo, I'm trigger to the brim and I'm sure my classmates stuck in this similar predicament would so damn agree. On another pessimistic note, I desperately need to get working on my advertising assignment. I know it and I tell myself everyday to do it but the consistency and discipline just isn't there. Oh the power of procrastinating. For the past two weeks, I've been sleeping at 2am-3am. So abnormal.
That's a whole lot of update. Till then! So you think can dance is a great entertainment eh...

8:55 PM

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