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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Small boy came over after morning prayers & celebrate hari raya aidiladha with my family before he went to work. Just a small feast together as a family. Later on, mum packed food in his bag for him to eat at work. No leave application is given for him. So, countdown at home with channel 5 I think? Pathetic. But nvm. There's lot of good tv programme to watch.

So in 2006

- I work part time at ARMSTRONG with babe dinah while waiting for O level results & both of us shop, shop, shop till we drop. Both of us went through thin & thick together.

- I miss my secondary classmates & my god brother, Sheede. Thank god there's MSN!

- I get the course that I badly want, Mass Communication. It's the best course ever!

- I made new friends from my new school.

- I turned legal 18.

- Chalet with small boy for two times.

- Was proud with small boy for winning the 2nd place for band competition.

- I become an aunt to Aqilah.

- I started to love baking & cooking.

- I'm hooked with online shopping. Best theraphy & it's considered cheap.

- Goodbye highlight & welcome jet black hair.

- Celebrated hari raya together with small boy for the very first time cause last year was busy with O levels.

- My grandmum (dad's side) passed away during the fasting months. :(

- But I thank god that I still have my grandparents (mum's side) who's been taking us of me & my siblings since we are babies.

-Crashed Jaz crib and have mini photoshoot for The Closet Affair.

- My family have a kitten called Kecik. Very adorable.

- I get the first rose from my small boy.

- Bought a diary to share among both of us.

- Falling even more in love with small boy. He's just my everything.

New Year's Resolutions
- Study hard for my upcoming exam & no sub paper please.
- Find work & work & work my ass off.
- Save money for my advanced diploma, if I'm taking lah.
- Keep Rapunzel's long hair!
- Travel to bangkok!
- Strong bonding with my small boy.

That's only half of my resolutions. Not gonna post all. 2007, be a bless year for me. It's New Years Eve. Let's all embrace 2007 with a big warm hug & a wet sloppy kiss at midnight. ♥


8:24 PM

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