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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Kecik is really getting on my nerve. I just don't understand why she loves to go under the pc table where there are lots of wire. She'll be stuck there if no one ever gonna pull her out. Kecik, kecik, come out, come out wherever you are are...

7 random facts about me:
- I love to cook or bake when I have the mood.
- I love my muhammad azim.
- I inspired to be flight stewardess but my small boy don't allow me to.
- Shopping, my favourite.
- I absolutely adore my babes; Jaz, Dinah, Kin, Ira.
- I have a lot of dream to acheive.
- I love babies but I'm scared of giving birth. To sum it up, I have a low threshold for pain. Ouch!

7 things that scare me:
- Not being able to reach my fullest potential.
- The future.
- Losing my loved ones.
- Death.
- Getting thin.
- God.
- Ghost.

7 things i usually say:
- OMG.
- Kecik.
- Macam maner kau tahu?
- Huh?
- LOL.
- Lapar lah.
- Irritating siak.

This is a very random post, I know. I'm bored and Kecik is sleeping. In fact, mum, sis, bro is still still sleeping. Small boy too. So, I guess this is goodbye then. Lotsa love.

p/s: To my closest uncle, have a safe journey to mecca. Come back soon.

11:57 AM

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