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Friday, December 29, 2006

3 days straight in a row I had problem logging to blogger & MSN. Stupid connection. This sunday calls for celebration cause of three reasons; our 21 months anniversary, welcoming 2007 & hari raya haji. I'm not so sure of the plan for sunday. If small boy's leave is given, we shall celebrate our anniversary. If not, just bump at home with my cousin Kak Nur & her baby, Aqilah. They are coming over & for sure mum gonna whip up some dishes. I did a minor shopping at mango since they are having 50% sale. Oh hello Ira! Nice bumping into you just now. I want to bump into Eqin next cause I've never seen that bitch for a long time eversince she got her Deedee. So, what's next? I've done with all the exam notes & just need to mug.

To welcome 2007, I bought a diary to share with small boy & pen down our ranting in it. This will be fun when we read back our entries that we wrote. Wow, I say. The unbelievable december is here. Just 2 more days left. It's always during december we tend to realise how time flies, and begin to ponder about the year's happenings. This year was eventful? Some sort. And for that 2007 resolution, I'm glad. Only me, myself & I know it. The tumultuous past, the series of dramas that have killed my confidence and security in me. I'm tired of that. And I'm leaving you behind. But for sure, I want a very meaningful & happy 2007. Be it with my studies, relationship, family, friends & etc. I'm glad that 2007 is here. Cheers to the end of 2006 and welcome 2007.

Little things that light up my days
The sweet, silly random things he say
Make me happy, when skies are grey
Hey there, love...

Reply to taggers:
Adah: Aww, didn't expect the surprise too. But you did get too right!
Nurul: Thank you. No need to be jealous. Sooner you have bf perhaps? Yes, it taste more absolutely nice! Go try!
Shasha: That's a compliment. Thank you.
Atiq: She's more cute when she is sleeping cause she won't run here & there. Tiring you know!
Aunt Nora: Oh sure. Linked you already.
Ilah: Then I shall give you a rose via email to cheer you up ok! I also don't want exam but hey, it's the last exam!
MsBonkerz: Welcome back & update your blog!
Mirah: Hello! Thank you for leaving your footprints behind. :)
Eqin: I miss you more babe.

9:44 PM

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