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Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 days just passed so quickly. So it's no surprise then that the past three days have been a mood killer for me. But whatever it is, I cannot describe whether school has been great or simply mundane to the extent of making me laze because it feels nothing at all. Just a waste of time to come on tuesday as it was doing revision only. Slacked all the way till 5pm and train ride home with Hid. Waited for small boy for almost an hour. Thank god, bumped into Aqilah & we chit-chat. Send small boy to work & back home. Yeah, bumped into Alvin & talked all the way. A least I had a companion for the one hour ride.

Yesterday had our shooting at vivo city with the awesome twos. Other than the exhaustion, I had a good day. Candy empire is a must for me but I can't find my favourite wonka chocolate. :(
I'm so deprieved of buying pretty things at F21. I can't wait to complete my diploma, and late january, I'll be off to work part time. Left with 2 more weeks for school. Yes, so fast that means exams are creeping in very soon! I can’t wait. I absolutely can't wait for exams to be over. And when that time comes, my heart and life can be with ease, hopefully. Assignments are all done except for Advertising which is partially done.

Today, I woke up feeling rather empty and void. Heavy hearted. Unfortunately, the harshness of reality disenchanted me from idealistic hopes. We'll keep it simple for you and me.

My smallboy,
you don't know how much you mean to me.
Whenever you're down,
you know that you can lean on me.
No matter the situation,
boy, I'm gonna hold you down.
I pray for you always....

10:25 AM

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