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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Time for an update! Saturday was supposed to pay a visit to the doctore cause of my never ending cough but I was lazy. Visit my grandparents with lil sis & mum. I camwhored with my grandpa's vintage shades. Off to causeway point next as mum want to survey for a new oven. Drop by dad's shop and groceries shopping at the same time. Was heavy loaded with all the groceries bag and cab back home.

The spoilt babe.

The birthday gift, NOT!

Dad's place.

She was trying to do mohawk but the attempt failed.

I love my grandpa's vintage shades.

Lil sis & my grandpa.

Today was supposed to go for blogger hari raya outing but didn't go anyway. Bumped at home for a while & my tummy was upset. The frequent back & forth to the toilet made me bloody weak. Small boy came over to chill & mum was getting ready to go out with her friends. Have just been awaken from some kind of a deep sleep, although I don't quite remember how or when I fell asleep. My stomach is still feeling a little empty though. I forsee another sleepless night tonight.

There's bad news. My grandpa from malacca passed away on 10 november 2006. 10 days after my late grandma passed away. Like what the old folks said, maybe my late grandma called my grandpa to be with her although they are separated for many years. Here I am to conclude that life is so fragile. I know it sounds a little cliche or somesort, that it has somehow lost its worth. People actually overlook the whole meaning of it. But I really want to remind you; it's really true, when something unexpected happens, you'll be hit back to the entire reality of it. You wouldn't want to wait for that moment because it would just be too late. Take look at the person next to you. Cherish him/her.

9:39 PM

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