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Thursday, November 23, 2006

So its no surprise then that the past three days have been a mood killer for me cause of period. The pain was unbearable. Yesterday, small boy spends time at my crib in the noon till the evening. Just plainly spend quantity time together. Endless of conversation with him. It was just terrific. Sometimes, I just want to spend my days like this. Doing nothing and hanging out with small boy always.

But there's something about you that really got me feeling weak.....

Days in school were as usual, nonchalant. Time is moving way too fast and I'm out of my mind already. I am so messed up. I have so many things to do that my mind is in a mess and I cannot think properly. Assignments and blablablas are swimming about in my head. Somehow, I'm not quite myself today. But oh well, I had my proper lunch at last in school. Chicken chop, reminiscing it still triggers my taste bud. Mrt & bus journey home was incredibly tormenting cause it was raining heavily.

Berry & me.

Guess what? I've been online shopping dementedly these few days, even though I've so little cash in my wallet. But it's always great to know that I've a few more pretty clothings add to my obsolete and outmoded wardrobe. I love cheap thrills & I cannot lie. I am really really tired and I'm like half-dead. Gonna complete the PR research. I am so going to complete it tonight, completely. If I'm not lazy, gonna help Diyana with her blog. Weekends, I can rest. Maybe not, I want to earn money. :)

Reply to taggers:

MsBonkerz: Aha, final year then I can graduate already. Yeah!
Ilah: Endure for a while. After january, can celebrate already. Gorgeous right the peep toe heel!
Lynn: Yeah, busy women. I have black one too! Cute kannn...
Berry: Haha. Tulah, tak baca doa sebelum makan. Melantak jerk. Lol.
Adah: Haha. :)
Jaz: Me too! Tag me along ok.
Rebecca: Na-uh. Not me. Maybe other irah.

7:20 PM

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