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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm seriously bored. ONLINE SHOPPING SUCK ME DRY! Couldn't resist the tempation, and so more stuffs were added to my collection. I can't wait for my parents to come home. Mutton chop & soup tulang for dinner. Orgasm. A random survey to kill boredom.

10 top things you really want to do now:
1) Call small boy.
2) Drink plain water.
3) Online shop again.
4) Go vivo city.
5) Go shopping.
6) Meet my honeypots.
8) Get started with my assignments.
9) Wash the dishes & throw the rubbish!
10) Eat potato chips.

10 top things you want to get:
1) Dark skinny jeans.
2) White peep toe heels.
3) Wedges.
4) More kimono tops.
5) Mango handbag.
6) Gold necklace.
7) Big hoop silver & gold earring.
8) Black flip flop. Not the plastic type.
9) Brown board.
10) More tops.

10 things you are wearing right now:
1) Track pants.
2) Sec one orientation tee.
3) Undegarments. Duh!
4) Hairband on my right hand.
5) That's
6) all
7) with
8) me
9) now!
10) Seriously!

1 person you are missing right now:
My small boy. :)

5 of your most important people:
1) My family!
2) My small boy.
3) My grandparents.
4) My honeypots.
5) My friends, cousins & all.

5 things you don't know about me:
1) I have double eyelid on my left eye while single eyelid on my right eye. Serious!
2) I'm a certified online shopping addict.
3) I eat alot but thanks to my high metabolism.
4) I've rebonded my hair two times & once for perming. I love curls than straight hair.
5) I am very quiet actually with someone new.

7:59 PM

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