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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I did nothing for the whole day. I'm so bored. There's no one to talk to. Everyone went out. My immune system is weak. I hate to be sick! All I did was to on the pc and lay on the bed after that. What a life. I'm going school tomorrow as I feel a little bit better. Except for the sore throat and cough. Thank god class end early tomorrow as I can get some rest. Oh, thursday & friday ends late in the afternoon. Boo! But oh well, still need to go. Talking about school, I've not get started on my assignments. Minus the advertisin assignment cause I did that half way. I need to plan wisely for the JNB assignment & graduation project. I'm left with 2 more weeks. I don't have a single clue on how to start for both of it. I feel depressed. Maybe depressed isn't the approproate word so I'll just say I feel blue. I have a feeling I will do sub paper on some of the previous module especially human & mass comm and dynamics of mass comm. :( And I've yet to recieve my PR additional notes from that anna oh. School aside. I'm surprised that Mum was online shopping a while ago and asked me to buy a weaved bag for her.

Reply to taggers:
Ms Bonkerz: Aww, thanks girl.
Idah: :)
Anonymous: Well, you can check it out the website of mdis.
Eqin: I miss you too babe!
Ms Bonkerz: Thank you. Getting better already.

2:39 PM

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