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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Going to school was such a waste of time cause it took merely 5 minutes for the shooting and that's it, ended. Met my babes Dinah & Jaz at last! Dinah, Jaz & I become the 'model' for The Closet Affair. Jaz, please update the photos on the closet affair ok! I'm eyeing on the pink top that Jaz wore. Super sweet & feminine. Played with shermin too. OMG. Shermin is a unique dog cause she has a pink tail! It was really nice to see my babes becoming more mature as days passed and of course, getting prettier. Those moments with my babes were always so inestimable and such a blast all the time! I wish we can meet up all the time. Cause it always seem so fun with them around & we always get so wild and laugh like fuck when we're together! Sisterhood rocks I swear. I love my babes. So much love seriously.

Jaz, you're snake is creepylah!

Went to Dinah's crib before chilling at Jaz's crib.

That's shermin, sleeping.

Was trying the top.

Love the dress & the top above? Visit The Closet Affair.

I swear, I love jumping on this.

Dinah & me!

That's the top that I like so much.

Pardon us.

Shermin & me.

See the pink tail?

View from the top.

The End!

8:37 PM

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