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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yesterday I pounded the streets of Geylang with my family without my lil brother. Yes, walking in and out of shops, looking at clothes for my lil brother. He just don't bother to follow us. Break fast at Arnold. Oh my, the chicken is finger licking good and I love sweet chilli sauces. Not to forgot the banana spilt. But what I hate most is the long queue to book it. Troublesome. Drop by Jaz mum's shop and Jaz was there. So far I 've seen 2 of my babes, Jaz & Eqin. The rest ain't sure. Bumped into small boy's family. His dad & my dad chatted for so long. Backed home & watched enetiy 2, the indonesia one. Gruesome & scary shit, I swear.

I'm preety excited hari raya is coming. The preparation for it is doing quite well. And my kebaya is ready to be collect. Perhaps tomorrow I collect it if I'm not tired from school. See, school finish at 5pm. Going to break fast with small boy tomorrow and school is starting for him. He's such a bummer for the whole month. Mum is baking but I ain't sure what. I'll drop by to be busybody in a while. I'm excited too for small boy's upcoming birthday. I'm saving up to buy a special gift & I know that he will like it. So, hari raya please come faster. And I got tons of stuffs to buy. Currently I'm in love with dresses & wedges. Dad promised me that he will buy escada rockin rio which I'm dying for a long time. My ralph lauren is finishing soon already. Till then for the next update.

Reply to taggers:
Ms bonkerz: Hello! Happy fasting too!
Dinah: Hello gundu! Hahaha. I miss you lah babe.
Ria: Yeah, but perhaps after hari raya he will open back. Maybe, I think.
Ilah: Woodland one not bad what. Went there recently. HMC not bad as DMC!
Eqin: When? See you soon gorgeous!
Aisha: I've finished already. :) Yours?
Izyan: Lol. *tap tap* Hello!
Sayuri: Hello! Yes currently studying at mdis. Linked you already.
Eqin: Yes! I've relinked you ok.
Dirah: YEs! Over for me!
IdahChix: Hello! I saw you yesterday at geylang but didn't have the chance to say hi.
Ms Bonkerz: Aha! Enjoy to the fullest.

1:17 PM

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