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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday was a day spent at geylang in the afternoon. Packed woth lots & lots of people. Bought what I wanted to buy. Of course can 'ketuk' my dad when he's around. Hehe. I love last minute shopping for hari raya. I love bargaining the price. Very fun but minus the scorching hot weather. Guess who I bumped into at geylang? Ilah & Ms Bonkerz. Hello Ms Bonkerz! Too bad we can only exchange hi & bye cause the lift were closing. Oooh, escada rockin rio rocks! Love the mango smell. Small boy bought just my luck & heart vcds from johor. Happy me! But I want the devils wear prada & lots more. Small boy going there again next week. So more chick flicks vcds for me. Heart movie is awesome. Such a romantic movie and it really made me cry. So I guess today will stay at home and do some spring cleaning while tomorrow will run errands with small boy. I'm a lil hungry now.

Reply to taggers:
Vinrouge: That's very irony. When you are schooling, you'll get bored with school. When you are not schooling, you actually miss it.
Yanee: Yes! Do come my house if you want. :)
Ms Bonkerz: Of course! Come to my house then.
Juz: Hello! Yes, it rocks!
Berry: Kau jahat! Pendengki!
Ms Bonkerz: Saw you too! Hohoho!
Ilah: I saw you! Saw your mum too! Done with the shopping already.

12:15 PM

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