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Friday, October 13, 2006

HELLO, WORLD! I am proud to say that I'm back. I'm done with all the exams. It's a big relief. I'm giving myself a day or two off work, I need a breather from the mad rush. It's a huge price to pay for procrastinating. I've not been updating religiously, for there's nothing exceptionally interesting going on in my life right now. It was just me and my books. Two gruelling week has proven to be mentally and physically torturous. It was a busy week and my new time table sucks. There's class everyday till 5pm and there's class the next day of hari raya. How cruel is that? But oh my, it's my final term for diploma.

Anyway, life has been good so far. Nothing beats being home. Although the weather may be humid and can get extremely unbearable at times, there's always air con and I've been staying under this brutal heat for my entire life, how intolerable can it be.

Suffered an entire day of throbbing headache and two KILL-ME blisters. Ugh. Spent the day after the last paper with the small boy at north point. Boy, I bet I burnt some calories just from the walking, aside from the aching feet and dehydration resulted.There are so many people I've yet to meet up with. So many things to do, but so little time!

9:13 PM

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