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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tuesday was spent at chalet. The couples have each room to ourselves. First day of chalet was quite dry cause there were only four couples. All we do was chit-chat and watched vcd's. Lots and lots of vcd's. The guy watched porn. OMG. Freaking pervert. Spent the night there and the next morning rushed to school all the way from changi to queenstown. That's far. Hand in the report and that wolverine was satisfied. AT LAST! Small boy picked me up from school and made our way back to the chalet. Blow bubbles with sam & nadiah. Have girls to girls talk. It's so fun. More friends came; fidot, sameon & gf, gab &amp;amp;amp; ifah, evon, zam & gf, ahmad & the lots more. Barbeque next; black pepper chicken, marshmello, crab stick & sausages. It was a satisfying dinner. I love marshmello. Simply yummy. Then we played with fire crackers and the feeling of hari raya can be feel. Can't wait. No pictures taken cause I was too lazy to take and I just want to spend quality time with them. So far, the 2 chalets that sam organised was so much fun indeed. When we were packing our stuffs yesterday night, small boy then remember it was his mum's birthday. Bid everyone goodbye and off to tampines mall in search for his mum birthday gift. It was around 10pm and mostly the shops were closed. But we did bought a watch for her and I decided to buy accessories too. It's so cheap. I'm loving it. I actually have class today but I'm so tired to go. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Oh, how exciting. I think I'll clean up the house now before meeting mum & lil sis later on in the afternoon.

Reply to taggers:
Ilah: Me too having cramps. You take care too k.
Miya: Yeah, I do have myspace but don't really check on it.
Passerby: Yes indeed. May I know who are you?
Baby'Ifah: Oh yes, I was there. But sorry, I don't know you at all. But hello!
Hady No.1 Fan: :)
Dirah: Thank you sweet. :)

11:00 AM

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