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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tuesday, break fast at home with my siblings and small boy. Mum cooked mee bandung & small boy doesn't seems to like it as he prefers chicken. So off we went to jurong west bazaar. Air katira(is that the spelling?) was $2 each. Bought 4 in total. Wasted, $8 poof like that. Ayam penyet for small boy, roti kirai for my lil brother, dendeng for lil sis. I badly want ramly burger but the queue was freaking long till it stretches outside the bazaar. I swear that the dendeng taste awful and not juicy, tender, sweet at all. Geylang sells the most delicious dendeng. Breaf fast and watched some vcds that small boy brought. Small boy as usual, xbox. The classic P Ramlee stories are evergreen. Watched it countless of time but still not bored of it. Went to minimart and bought ice-cream before sending small boy back. So, today definitely wasn't one of the better days. Just woke up a few minutes ago and realised that there's no one at home. I'm so bored. I need to buy food to break fast again. Where else but jurong west bazaar. I'm still gonna get the ramly burger. I'm pretty excited cause dad decided to stop his stall. For two consecutive years, we barely celebrate hari raya with dad. Don't mention going geylang with him. His too busy. This weekend is family day. Saturday, pack his stuffs & belongings. Sunday, geylang with the family. I've finished hmc notes already. That's an achievement cause I procrastinate at every slightest bit. I better clean up the house and shower to go out. Till then!

1:11 PM

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