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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Things been going all well I didn't see a need to update. Except for the assignments part. *shakes head* This is going to be a rather incoherent entry that would probably make no sense to most of you, so bear with me. And to those who are able to understand what I'm going on about, props to you. To lalat, I'm sick and tired of your bossy attitude. Well, not me. All of the other group members are. You don't have the right to kick any of the members out cause you, yourself just squeeze into our group although we already have enough members. In fact, you are not the leader. There are no leader at all! We let you in cause we pity you but in the end you step our head and told the lecturer 'how good you are in handling the assignment'. That's bullshit. You should never have opened that big gap mouth of yours. Cause your work is just to find that damn articles and pass it to us. Is that a tough work for you? Honestly, I'll never ever understand why people never think of others. I thought I gave up trying to figure out things no one has the answers to, but apparently it still frustrates me to the point that all I need is an answer. One thing though, you can say anything but say what you really mean, for once. You may rot and die, bitch. Cause this is the last ever assignment we will work with you. So long sucker.

I feel much relieved now. Phew. Okay so it's already Saturday. Another week came and went just like that. It was another rough week for me but it's all good; at least that's how I'd rather see it for now. Lessons learnt as usual, not good. Going town later on with my lil sis, small boy & along with his friends. Retail therapy excites me.

10:39 AM

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