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Sunday, September 24, 2006

So ten weeks of school has gone. How time flies. Stress level is escalating to its maximum, maybe not, because of exam in exactly one week time. I've yet to prepare my notes. Sometimes, I wish to be more discipline like others. I have been procrastinating a lot lately, what more with the hiccups in life, it makes me want to enjoy life to the fullest. Life been real good lately. Busy busy busy. Of course with the shopping done, what's more can I ask for. Happiness for me. :) Well, update for yesterday. Was out with small boy's family to geylang in search for their hari raya clothes. Actually small's boy mum wanted to wear red this year but since I'm going for purple, she changed it to purple too. Awww, that's sweet. Lunch was on his dad. Took 51 to kampung gelam and I personally think that kampung gelam is not so oh exciting as geylang. My mum called to pick us up and so bid goodbye to small boy's family and joined my mum & lil sis. Small boy's tagged along too. Mum was very fickle-minded. Nothing seems to please her at kampung gelam and off we went to geylang. Searched for my puple cloth & pink cloth for lil sis. Got it fast & have dinner at hajah maimunah. Then attack dendeng next. Make couples of round there. Geylang is still the best. Drop by cheers near my house and bought nachos & lots and lots of junk foor for supper. So today, I'll be going out to make my kebaya and off to dad's shop to break fast. I have issues to settle for my online shop; meet ups & etc. Not to forget to take my reserved top. To all muslims, selamat berpuasa.

Reply to taggers:
Adah: Oh well, thanks for the advice.
Shahmi: Baik selalu beb.
Aisha: Hello! School is out for us. Yeah!
Siput: I think I recognise you. Ok, ok. I know. Hello!
Ilah: Happy fasting Ilah! Lol. You don't miss me too ok!

11:23 AM

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