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Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm up for an update today. I should be in bed but I can't seem to sleep. Badly want to talk to small boy but he's sound asleep. So I thought I'd do with a little perk-me-up. With what? Hershey's cookies & cream definetely. My weekends has been a good one, miraculously. And I'm thankful for that. I badly want money now. I'm going gaga over handbags lately. There's like tons of nice handbag on the net. Wanted to buy a white balenciaga bag for only merely 30 bucks but I did a minor shopping last week. And I need to save money for small boy's upcoming birthday gift + chalet too. When I have the money,there's nothing nice to buy but when I'm literally broke, alot of stuffs that are so pretty. Boohoo. FYI, I've stopped my addiction of online shooping since it's the fasting month. It's better to buy stuffs for hari raya. I'm mostly done with that except for make-up. Oh well, I've done a schedule for this one whole week to do my exam notes. Hopefully, I will follow it. Oh yeah, I made plan to break fast with my babes cause I miss them so much. Perhaps along with our bfs. Hopefully they can make it. :) I've yet to make plan for tomorrow. Maybe I will take my reserved top or meet up for the earring holder. Shall see how.

1:40 AM

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