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Friday, September 08, 2006

Here's a proper update. Presentation went well and 2 more to go; DMC & TPSW. The heels were killing me! Blister in the end. Awful. That's why I prefer flip flop cause it's more comfortable. I have a new liking; my school canteen chicken chop. Absolutely delicious especially the black pepper sauce. Oh my, oh my. Orgasm. There is an awful lot waiting for me to get sorted out actually. Saturday, perhaps going to Kasha's house with the rest of the group members to do last minute DMC assignment. Sunday, perhaps going to help small boy's mum with the packing. Monday, my cousin is getting married and I want to go but I have TPSW presentation & to submit DMC assignment. :( Mum been bugging me to accompany to Chinatown to settle some stuffs eversince last week. It's damn urgent. Maybe wednesday I'm free. I have 3 weeks to prepare for exam. Back to the same old routine; writing notes. So troublesome cause my notes are not that complete. I've recieved pc graduation letter. It's on 15 october I think and it's during fasting month! Might as well I just collect it one week after that. Small boy's friend, Amin, is organising chalet on 21 september and small boy want me to go. I'm torn whether to stay overnight or just be there for a day cause it's during my exam post period. WHY MUST THAT AMIN BOOK CHALET ON THAT DAY??!! This 2 months will be busy, busy, busy. Fasting month some more. I still need to find a tailor to do my kebaya. I've not shop for a while cause all I do is to dine out. Yeah, but online shopping is a must. I ordered 4 tops. :) For now, I will stop online shopping cause I'm saving up money for make-up. Badly need a new one. I need to clean up the house. It's fucken messy cause my brother brought his friends home. Chips & bottles are everywhere. My god. I'm outta here before I'm going bonkers.

7:13 PM

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