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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Watching mean girls countless of times on hbo never fails to reminisce me during back in secondary school. I miss wearing a uniform. Those were the days of familiarity, albeit a lot of bitching, but we all turned out quite nicely in the end. We're all travelling different roads now, but maybe in six year's time, we'll really see how much we've grown. And it somewhat jogged back memories. Feeling particularly melancholic all of a sudden due to reasons I know not. Was looking through my photos folder and a flood of memories resurfaced. Those that brought tears and joy. I miss my secondary school babes; Jaz, Dinah & Eqin. When we used to get caught for wearing ankle socks and have multiple earring, smuggle food & drinks to our classroon, skip PE lesson cause we fucken hate miss chua and we always went mcdonalds instead, help each other whenever we have problems, walk around the school to waste time for f&n lesson, hate mr patrick low math lesson, get bored easily with combined science lesson, love humanities lesson cause of funny mr ho, saliva dropped from mr lam's mouth whenever we sit infront, cheat during test & there's countless of things that I can ever type it out. It's difficult for us to meet nowdays cause when one is free, the other is not. Been so long since i last met Jaz & Dinah especially. Remember the memories girls? Really miss those times. :(

1:41 AM

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