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Friday, August 18, 2006

Today was one tiring day and I'm totally drained out. Frankly speaking, I had a bad morning due to sudden period but it end that well. Spending my Friday with the right people really makes me happy from within. Video production with Hid, Claris, Lathika, Mas, Kasha & Khairul was so much fun. Aqilah tag along too. Credits to Kasha's bf for being the camera man & my small boy for holding the microphone. Judging from today episode, I literally found out what is the first impression of my group members towards me. I can barely recall some of their opinion.

Khairul: A very quiet girl who looks hardworking in class as she tends to scribble notes or maybe she was drawing. But she has to eat more cause she looks so thin.
Claris: Quiet girl but after mixing around with her, she is very fun to hang out with. She's a shopoholic and loves to shop online. But she has this aneroxia looks. She is too thin.
Mas: We talked to each other on the first day of school and hit off well. She is a nice person to talk to.
Hid: She have this minah look but after knowing her, she is friendly.
Kasha: She have this arrogant look. But after mixing with her, she is a nice friend.
Lathika: We hit off on second day of school as I was asking her direction to school. Taught that she is unfriendly but she reply with a soft spoken tone. Share problems at times with her.

Ok, roughly there. Don't expect me to remember all of the parts they said. I'm waiting for the video to be send so that I can view it. Let me clear up the air first that I'm NOT suffering from anexoria. I eat a lot! Hell lot. I'm thin because I have my mum's gene (perhaps) and I have high metabolism. Regarding about my arrogant, minah look, stuck up, attitude face well it's quite true on people'
s first impression. But hey, never judge me by my looks. I may look like a bitch or minah but I was never one to anybody. You're just assuming the person I am not. Now I know why at times girls tend to stare me. This topic on first impression is really good and beneficial for me. I have tons of photos to be upload. I shall do that tomorrow. Be patient. Next up, I passed my exams. That means I've completed my pc level with ease. Got C for advertising & promotional management, media studies and communication skills. I've achieved my goals of not to take any sub paper for pc level. I made it. :) Sounds easy? Hard work is paid off.

8:06 PM

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