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Monday, August 07, 2006

Click Eqin's blog for info on Sentosa yesterday. Not to mention, small boy lost his cellphone & my shades were broke for the third time. How unlucky. Mondays never fail to make me feel like I've got the longest week ahead. Today, skip TPSW in the afternoon and went JP to accompany small boy for his hair cut. Feel bad cause I've been skipping classes lately . This week time table simply sucks cause of afternoon classes. Next week: school. school. school. school. assignments. 4 assignments in total. Beat! Study's a bore. Chore. But I have to get down to doing it. Which eventually I will if I want to do well. Unlike some gifted people, most, like me have to slave in order to survive and try, in the process, to excel. Hence. The need.

Note to self:
# TPSW: Project on 'Product'. Choose any kind of products and do 3 mins talk verbally and presentation on it.
# HMC: Do surveys on body language for my part.
# DMC: Presentation on 'Terrorist".
# SBS: Presentation which my group have not decide yet.
# Sit my ass down and complete them.

Have you tried the hot & spicy LJS? It's really not much different from the normal one. Except there's 3 of it. My hands are itching to run down to the library and grab a dozen books to read. Without a good book to read, it always ends with a sense of emptiness on my part. Really.

4:06 PM

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