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Friday, August 11, 2006


1. Do the following w/o complaints.
2. Choose 5 peeps to do dis afta u complete urs.
3. Leave a tag on da person's tagboard to say he/she haf been tagged.

Fav colour: Black, white, pink, turqoise, brown.
Fav food: Alot. I'm a big eater.
Fav movie: Chick flick movies especially.
Fav sport: Netball.
Fav day of da week: Weekends.
Fav ice-cream: Raspberry, chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate cookie dough.
Fav tv show: MTV & disney channel.

Current mood: Sleepy.
Current taste: None.
Current clothes: Sec sch PE tshirt & shorts.
Current desktop: Skulls. My lil sis set it.
Current toenail colour: Hot pink.
Current time: 8.37am
Current annoyance: My lost/misplaced silver hoop earrings.
Current thoughts: Small boy.

First bestfriend: Sofia. Way pri sch time.
First crush: Roy.
First movie: Forgot.
First lie: Told mum that I have remedial well actual fact I went to friend's house. Primary 1 I guess.
First music: Not sure.

Last ciggarette: Non-smoker.
Last drink: Have not drink yet.
Last car ride: Taxi count?
Last crush: Erm.Last phone call: Small boy.
Last CD player: None.

Have you ever dated one of ur bestie?: Na-uh.
Have you ever broken the law?: Yeah.
Have you ever been arrested?: Nope.
Have you ever skinny dipped?: Nope.
Have you ever kissed sumone u dont noe?: No.
5 luckiest person: Anyone who wants to do.

8:51 AM

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Spasmodically Beautiful
bittersweet angel of love
if you sweet-talk her like sugar,
she'll hug you till death do we part.
but if you wrong her for a silly reason,
she'll spite with her sarcasm
but LOVE her. she's the one & only, Irah!

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I am who I am. Unless you lived my life, don't judge me because you don't know me, never have and never will know every little thing and detail about me.


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Only reason is you.
Every minute with you.
You're my everything.

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This little tiny baby
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To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love.
We'd give our all
And always do our best.
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed.

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