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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Been 2 days straight I skip school. School's been such a bore lately. Yesterday update, have breakfast nearby school with small boy. He skip school too. It was still early around 10am and so we went national library and chill. Small boy plan to go haji lane for house of japan. So in search of haji lane, it rain heavily. Damn, so we settled in a restaurant and have our lunch while waiting for the rain to stop. So, bought for myself a pink cardigan and a tee for small boy. Oh ya, I bumped into my dmc lecturere, Mr Jailani at haji lane too. Upon reaching bugis mrt station, small boy surprised me with a floral top that he bought from the shop without me knowing. He wanted to surprised me, you see. How sweet. Hang around at my crib and have dinner together while watching seed of chucky. Gruesome movie. Today, small boy knocked off early from school and called me saying he was under my blk. I was in a mad rush and off to have lunch at a nearby place. Nasi ayam penyet is delicious. Meet my mum next as she don't understand to use the axs machine to pay bills. Bought junk foods from 7-11 and went home and here I am updating this blog of mine. I'm going to visit my grandparents with mum early in the morning tomorrow. And I will go school this friday. Really. Blogspot is being a bitch. I can't seem to upload the photos. Well, next time then.

Reply to taggers:
Atiqah: Yeah, groove to it.
Baby Iqah: Hello. Thanks. Link you already!
Angelie: Next time then we'll bump into each otehr again.
Jannah: Hello, sure. Link ya!
Hid: You also skip school too! :p

5:13 PM

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