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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I can't believe my weekend will be over. Well i tried to enjoy every moment of it anyway. I just feel happy today. Suddenly felt like I want to blog. Blogging for me relieves stress. Somehow it does. So here I am. Well, I do have work to do. I'm way behind schedule for my notes. But there's still time for it later. I'm going to use this little spare time I have wisely. I'm draining on the cash too. I'm still yearning for my shopping craves. Don't mention. It's a long shopping list that I wrote. Fuck GSS. Small boy came over just a while ago and we spend quality time together. Vcd sessions & you-tubing. Sentosa is our next trip but ain't sure when. Let me recall. It's been ages since I step my foot at sentosa. Mum came home with beef steaks for us. Absolutely full.

I need to blow this thing off my mind. Sigh. Never expected this day to come, not since I know you are into relationship. Maybe keeping quiet, changing the topic and not bringing it up are the ways to go. I know I cannot have the best of both worlds, so I guess I'll let time decide and allow nature to take its own course. Good luck to you.

Reply to taggers:
Eqin: I'll think about it. =x
Laila: Not sure. Fickle minded arh.
Ninnie: Update already!
Munirah: Sgspree especially.
Christine: Hello sweets! :)

5:38 PM

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