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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today is my birthday.Today is the day I turned 18.Today is the day I realized I'm old. Old enough to think about my future; both financially and mentally. Today is the day I realized I have many responsibilities. Eventhough I'm 18, I'm still childish. Eventhough I'm 18, I'm still immature. Eventhough I'm 18, I'm still rebellious. Eventhough I'm 18, I'll still show my tantrums. Whether you like it or not, seriously none of my business. Lol. Yes, I'm older but I shall not change myself for others. Why the hell should I? ;p Age is only numbers anyway. If you love me, I'll love you more. If you hate me, you'll see the devil in me; taste the poison. Happy 18th birthday to me. :)

Well, if you want to know what I have been up to, I should really be feeling quite upset right at this moment. Don't bother to ask my why. BUT the amazing thing is that even though things are not so good, I feel a whole new sense of enlightenment and I'm filled with hopes and quite a bit of positivity. I cannot comprehend how badly I want everything to work. On a lighter notes, a BIG thanks for all the overwhelming birthday wishes via msn, myspace, friendster, e-mail & sms. Sorry if I didn't reply to your sms because my card is running low at the moment. It's very thoughtful of each one of you to wish me. It's the thought that counts. I don't bother about presents or whatsoever. I just want happines to surround me. Yeah. The fact that dad gave me money as a present doesn't alight me and Mum too who always treat me shopping in exchange for the birthday gift. No, no. Dear god, I just want my family to be like the old times please. That's it. I was shocked when Mum sms to wish me too. It's really not her to say that kind of msg to me. My celebration was fabolous with bf. From the food, gifts, hug & kisses just made me smiles. Thanks bf for all.

Been 2 days since I went to school. I feel sorry for Hid as I feel that I'm ditching her. Sorry girl! I'll come for CS tomorrow aite. Anyway, don't be fool if someone approach you girls at orchard mrt station especially and tell they are having a cast to be a model or whatsoever. It's so typical for them to approach well groom girls and ask for your name/number/email. Don't you notice anything funny behind that approach? Well, if they are really interested for you to be a model, why are there tons of girl names on a piece of paper? Tsk, tsk. Try harder. I'm quite relieve that I'm left with only 1 debate to finish up for MS assignment.

Thanks to Bf, Jaz, Dinah, Eqin, Ira, Hid, Atiqah, Apit, Fyza, Siva, Shasha, Nurul Azizah, Fauzi, Munzir, Kenneth, Kin, Ilyas, Syeera, Wan, Mizah, Dina, Kiqi, Zahira, Fauzi, Nasuha, Han, Firdaus, Aiman, Sabariah, Liah, Nithya, Shahmi, Aishah, Ninnie, Ayumanje, Adah, Aiman, Nadzirah, Fizah, Iskandar & lots more for the birthday wish. Just to name a few and the names I remembered. Don't expect to write all the names. So sorry if I miss out your name. Ok, conferencing with Eqin, Ira & Shahmi now. Love ya!

8:57 PM

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