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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

School was such a drag and we were supposed to talk in front of the class on a random topic that we choose. Hid & I can't be bothered about it and made our way to bugis. The outing was superb fun. No words can describe how happy I was to meet them. Let me recalled the events that happened in the afternoon. Eqin was late and me, Ira, Shahmi & Hid have lunch at long john silver. Even after we finished our lunch, Eqin still have not arrived. Finally after waiting for around 10 minutes, she arrived. Gave her belated birthday gift and off to bugis street. After rounding for almost an hour, bf joined us and bid goodbye to Hid. Walked all the way from bugis to esplanade and we chill by the bay for almost 2 hours+. I think we left the place nearly 9pm. That was the fun part. We talked, crapped, sing, jokes, gossips, lie down. Very, very fun. I love the $1 chocolate cone ice cream. Yummy. Reached home and took shower. Here I am now blogging and at the same time trying to finish my debate. Just left with that and I'm done. This Saturday plan was cancelled since Jaz can't make it. Nvm. Make it other time then. Next Friday perhaps. Thanks Kin for the tee & dangling earrings from F21, Shahmi for the black shawl & Ira for the black hoop earrings. I love it a lot. I'm beat. I'm totally worn out. I have class at 9am! Gosh. I better do this debate fast and have my sleep. Good night people.

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Hid: Just this time round. :p
Dirah: Yeah, I want lots of things. Just satisfying my shopping needs.
Aiman: Thanks.
Adah: Thanks! Oh yeah, I remembered. Haha.
Ninnie: Thank you very much.
Nor: Hello there! Thanks!
Leia: Thanks!
Atiqah: Thanks. It's ok. I've read your blog though.
Aisha: Thanks eh! Oh yah, my orange tau. ;p
Ain: Hi. Seen you around somewhere at westside.
Bubz: Oh yeah, see you around aite.
Deen: Yup! Oh sure. Link me up ya.

11:15 PM

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