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Friday, June 09, 2006

Online shopping is very tempting. Oooh~ I've found the slacks, geisha style top, oversized shades, headbands & crochet pumps that I want badly. Like finally. But I still need to window shop for black pants/jeans, thick bangles especially in black & bag. Anyone want to satisfy my shopping desires? Lol. I'm going shopping this Saturday with mum to hunt for formal clothes. Yeah, having presentation this Tuesday. I can't believe that I slept nearly 3am cause I watched take the lead with my mum & sis. I still need to watch aquamarine, the omen, da vanci code & just my luck. I've the feelings that I will not do well for this term exams. I've been skipping classes lots of time. Hell lots. Let's just say once or twice in a week I went to school. Shoot me please. But because of some circumstances, I did not attend class. I don't want to retake or remodule. It's costly. Damn it. Speaking of that, I just skip morning classes today. It's raining heavily & I'm so lazy to go. Irah! Wake up! I promised that for the last 2 weeks before exams, I would attend school regularly. Promise. *cross finger* My lecture notes are disorganized. This has been bugging me. Thank god I'm done with MS notes. CS & APM is on the way yeah. I feel like going to library , the one near jurong point to do my notes. It's not so noisy compared to the library at jurong east. But it will be better if I have my own laptop. Right Hid?

9:44 AM

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