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Saturday, June 10, 2006

My saturday was spent on bed. I've fever. But the moment I woke up from my sleep, I feel much better. The weather was unpredictable. The moment it shines and the moment it rains. The whole day I was stuck at home, watching movies; Aquamarine, The Omen & Da Vinci Code. All of the 3 movies, I like aquamarine. Yeah, the other 2 lets just say sucks. Hopefully, I can hunt for formal pants tomorrow.If dad gave me some bucks, cause I've been spending too much already. That's it. Told myself not to spend on anything else. I've yet to buy a birthday gift for my babe Dinah. Boo hoo. The weather plays a part too. If not, I just rot at home. Dad been busy eversince the world cup starts. He is opening the shops 24 hours since there are customers who watch it at coffee shop. Yeah, I totally pity him. He took turns with his assistants to attend the stall. He slept 5 hours per day only. What's more, the place is far. Tsk. Out of random, I'm bored. So I did online survey to kill boredom.

1: What did you eat today? Bubur kacang hijau & Bread with egg. That's all.
2: If you are given a scholarship, where would you like to study? I'm not sure. The course I'm taking actually gives previlege to students to study abraod at UK.
3: And why is that so?- I don't know.
4: How are you feeling now?- Hyper.
5: When was the last time you cried?- Yesterday night.
6: Who is in your mind now?- My sweetheart & my parents.
7: Are you a sensitive person?- Some sort.
8: Do you wanna get married?- Yes, I do. Who doesn't?
9: Describe love?- Love is a four letter word with such profound meaning.
10: What will you do after this?- Call bf.
11: Where will you be after exam?- Back to school.
12: Who is the person u can't live without?- My family, My babes, Bf.
13: Are you happy with your life?- Yeah.
14: Ever been heartbroken in high school?- Aha.
16: Favourite stuff in ur car?- Not available.
17: Who would you like to be like?- Erm. I'm not sure. But I want to be a good daughter that can repay my parents kindness.
18:What will you do if someone propose you now? Na-uh. I'm still studying.
20:When was the last time you said I love you?- A few minutes ago & I mean it.
21: Last topic you studied?- APM.
22:Latest facial wash you are using?- Erm, I'm not sure of the brand.
23: Handphone brand?- Nokia 6680. I'm not planning to change.
24: Honeymoon spot?- Australia seems nice.
25: Last place you visited? Kitchen?
26: Waiting for a miracle to happen? Yeah.
27: What are you wearing now? Pyjamas + my shawl. I sleep with it.
28: Feeling homesick? Some sort.
29: Last person you kissed? Bf.
30: Do you believe in God? Yes.
31: Song that is playing in your mind? Secret love - Jojo.
32: Favourite subject at school?- Currently, none!
33: Do you hate anyone?- Not really. I just couldn't be bothered about them.
34: Last person you talked to on the phone?- Bf.
35: Favourite ice cream flavour?- Cookie dough, raspberry, chocolate chip.
36: Last drink you drank?- Hot milo.
37: Say something about yourself? I'm just a girl who wants to be the center of your world.
Where did you take your default photo[friendster]? Under my blk.
What is your current problem? Studies I think.
What makes you most happy? Shopping.
If you could go back in time, and change the hist0ry,what would you change? Not sure.
Ever had a near death experience? Na-uh.
Name an obvious quality you have? Understanding.
What's the name of the song that you're listening to? Stars are blind - Paris Hilton.
Name someone with the same birthday? Not sure.
Ever sang in front of a large audience? Na-uh.
Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Aha. Weird.
Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TVshows? Does nickelodean counts?
Are you comfortable with your height? Not so.
What magazines do you read? Cleo, seventeen, her world, style, manja, mangga, media & more.
Have you ever ridden in a Hummer limo? Na-uh.
Has anyone really close to you passed away? Yeah.
Do you ever watch MTV? Always.
What's something that really annoys you? Period. Fullstop.
Your name: Irah.
Eye color: Black.
Do you live with your parents? Yes.
Do you get along with your parents? Yes.
Are your parents married/separated/divorced? Married.
Do you have any siblings? Yes.
What pets do you have? None.
Season? Summer.
Shampoo/conditioner? I'm not sure of the brand.
Do You Sing in the shower? At times.
Write memos on your hand? No.
Believe in love? Yes.
Wear glasses or contacts? Neither.
Have any bad habits? Erm....
Have You Ever Worn braces? No, but I want to.
Broken a bone? No.
Taken painkillers? Yes.
Gone SCUBA diving? Yes.
Been stung by a bee? No.
Slept with your contacts in overnight? No.
Thrown up in a restaurant? No.
Been to overnight camp? Yes.
Sworn in front of your parents? Yes.
Had detention? Yes, during secondary school.
Been sent to the principal's office? No.
Been called a bitch/bastard? No.

01) What is the phone brand?- Nokia 6680.
2) What's the last digit of your mobile number?: 1.
03) What does the 2nd message in your inboxsay?:- I miss you!
04) Who's the first person who comes up under theletter M?:- Mail Deposit.
05) Who's the last person you rang?:- Bf.
06) Who was your last missed call from?- Bf.
07) Who's the 2nd person who comes up under D?:- Daria.
08) What does the last message in your inbox say?:- Yes, what you doing?
09) Who's the 3rd person who comes up under J?:- Jazmine.
10) Go to your Sent Items - what does the 5thmessage say?:- Why you don't pick up my call?
11) Who's the 4th person who comes up under S?:- Sadiq.
12) Who's your network provider?:- Starhub.
13) How many messages are currently in yourinbox?:- 6.
14) What do you have as your background:- Pic of me & bf.
15) Who's the 2nd person who comes up under R?: Razi.
16) Who do you have on speed dial 3?:- None.
17) If you're on Pay as you Go, how much credit doyou have?- 11 bucks.
18) Who's the first person who comes up under C?:- Canadian Pizza.
19) How many bars of signal do you currently have?- 7.
20) What do you have as your main ringtone? Take the lead.

8:11 PM

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