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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday was spent at jurong east entertainment after class with hid, megat, syuk and nana. Oh my god, Megat is so irritating can. Her minah gf, stop it can. Such a sore eyes for me, Hid & Nana. Bluergh! Nana & I was talking all about Dino and Hid was being the blur queen. Hohoho! Eqin, do you know Syuk? He lives near your house area too. Small world indeed. I did mentioned at the previous post that I'm trying hard not to shop but Hid showed me all the gorgeoous clothes at this fashion and I don't get tempted to buy. Phew! BUT, I just bought an earring. I can't stop buying earrings especially danggling ones with beads, stones, gems on it. Too gorgeous to resist it. Basically just chilling around till 9.30pm. Was so beat upon reaching home and slept. Today, class was in the morning. Feel so drowsy when I woke up but forced myself to go school as I need to hand in CS assignments. But in the end after I reached school, CS was cancel. WTF?! But the mango shake I drank at least cool me down. I think I'll have different types of shakes before class. Yummylicious. It was still early in the morning and so met bf for breakfast cum lunch at jp as usual and hit my crib after that. Tomorrow there better be CS class! Don't waste my time waking up in the morning to hear it cancel again. Pfft! I want to rest after class tomorrow. Don't ask me out please. Period. Need to organize my notes all. So messy. I'm buying Dinah's belated birthday gift via online later on. Too lazy to hit the shops. So long everyone.

8:11 PM

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