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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Life's pretty boring. I have nothing to update yet I feel like updating my blog. I miss going to school. It's been *counting* 4 days I did not attend lessons. It's all because I'm sick. Tomorrow I'm going to school for the last week. Now, I've recover. Alhamdulillah. Just a lil bit of cough. But poor bf is sick now. I guess I spread the sickness to him. Tsk. I've been trying to find a nice layout for my blog but nothing appeals to me. I'm saving money and told myself not to do shopping and that includes online shopping. I can't believed that sis did her shopping yesterday and seeing her buy new tops made me tempted to shop. But fear not, I will stick to my plan. So babes, don't ask me to join you all for shopping ok? ;p Oh ya, I'm so addicted to That's So Raven and Laguna Beach for now. Love, love. So I browsed through my pictures folder and found many pictures of me with straight hair. I miss my straight hair. I really do. Can I just snip off my perms and have my straight hair back?

Reply to taggers:
Anne: LOL. ;p
Eqin: Just do the tag for the fun of it. But I love the song. Blueks.
Aisha: Best sekali. Suker banget. On the process of recovering.
Kynz: Alright.
Eqin: I miss sec sch too. Fun memories. ;(
Izyan: Yeah! :)
Hid: Blueks. Tag you no more arh.

8:06 PM

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