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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just woke up not too long ago. Had a really sweeeeet dream. Dream that I found 3 gold motorola v3i. You know, the dolce & gabbana phone. Oh my, it's so gorgeous. But I don't really favour that phone cause bf used motorala v3 before and the battery is always fast enough to die on him. A big no, no for me. I still prefer nokia although it's commonly used. Talking about phone, I think my usb cable is spoilt or the computer is testing my patience. I can't upload the photos from my cellphone. Sickening. I don't have any plan for today. Maybe I'll just bummed around at home and do my notes in the afternoon. I want to watch Laguna Beach. I miss watcing My Sweet Sixteen too. Did I mentioned that High School Musical was entertaining and awesome? Yes, it is. I hope that disney channel will repeat the telecast again. Oh wait, there's youtube. Yeah, I shall watch it later on. I better clean my room for now. My uncle is coming over to visit my grandma. It's not easy to take care an ailing grandma who suffered stroke. Usually my sis and I will take turns to feed her, change her diapers, bath her, cook for her and etc when my parents when out to work. It's very ironic. My aunties (my dad's side) who is a full time housewife doesn't even want to take care of their own mum. Let alone my mum who is working. They are a full time housewife. Gosh! I mean when she's healthy, they want her. But now she's so sick and need to be taken care of, they just dumped for my dad to take care. Tsk. I pity my grandmum. She will cry thinking of the treatment she got from her daughters. I believe in Karma. What you give is what you get in return.

12:01 PM

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