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Friday, May 05, 2006

What a sweet friday to end the week♥ Today is Friday. Yippie! Weekend (and boyfriend) here I come! I didn't manage to save up. I spent my money mostly on food. Yeah, that's it. I ate so much but still I'm bless that I don't grow fat. Thanks to my high metobolism. Let me recall what I've eaten for today.
  • 1 black pepper chicken pau
  • 4 fishballs
  • 1 can of grass jelly drink
  • 1 packet barbeque twisties
  • a slice of watermelon
  • a plate black carrot cake
  • 1 can of sprite drink
  • 1 medium pure chocolate ice blended with whip cream
  • famous amos cookies
  • an ice-cream
  • 2 packets of crackers

On total count I spend around $17 on food just for today! Not even a whole week I keep track. So, tell me now. How to save money like this? Grrr! Oh yeah! I pass my econs assignment! 12/20. That's not bad right for a last minute work? No lecture for the whole of next week. But I'll be going back to school library just to study for exams. I can't really concentrate studying at home. I know I can do this. Just 2 more weeks. Endure irah and you'll be done for marketing & econs. Hohohoho!

5:16 PM

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