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Monday, May 29, 2006

Watched a lot like love before going to school. I totally agree with Wan. The story is so-ever-romantic. But to me the story need nc16. Next up to download is a walk to remember. Anyway, school was good. Was wide awake and listening attentively. Presentation went smoothly and the lecturer told that our group did a fantastic job. Right Hid? Hohoho! This thursday we have to be a tv producer. Our group are still not sure what theme to prdouce. It can be a documentary, drama, variety & etc. We are thinking to do drama as the maximum time to act is only 2 mins which we can video cam rather than to act live infront of the students. It's better. But within 2 minutes, what climax shall we act? Was initially feeling torn about this thursday. To skip or not to skip advertising & promotion management at 9am. I'll be missing 3 hours worth of lecture? I'm just going to die catching up. I'm just going for media studies at 2pm. Yeah, that will do. In fact I should be catching up tutorial notes on both APM & MS. APM cause I always skip the boring lecture and MS cause of the lecturer who won't use the tutorial notes. Hopefully, communication skills tomorrow will not be like APM & MS. If not, 3 modules I have to do catching up. Terrible. My topshop pullover has arrived. Woohoo!

9:11 PM

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