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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sometimes we are just too preoccupied with our own stuff, that none of us spared a minute to look around and appreciate the things around you. Mr Wong, a former teacher of jurong sec, passed away on last sunday. It was a sudden shock cause he just retired one year ago. He died in his sleep. Life is so fragile. The next thing you know, your loved ones will go back to the almighty. May he rest in peace. I get to know that Miss Tan, my former food & nutrition teacher who is drop dead gorgeous is now working as a stewardess. Life is bliss for her.

Advertising & Promotional mangament(APM) is such a boredom. The lecturer that look-a-like gandhi actually mark our attendance one by one and my class have around 100 students. The way he read the names was damn slow. He's just wasting time. He can just pass the attendance book around and let we sign right? Let's see. If today he pass the attendance book around, I'll just sign and dissapear after break. Hopefully. And copy the notes form Hid. Oh ya, we got our APM assignment on our first day of lesson. 1000 words essay on tv, radio or internet. I'm like partially done although the due date is on 19 june. I just want to finish it fast and then I can concentrate on media studies(MS) & communication skills(CS) assignments.

Tomorrow MS will be fun I suppose. But the lecturer doesn't really use the notes and we have to do our own self revison. It's the same like APM. Gosh! Be prepare for MS presentation tomorrow.

Speaking on financial wise, I'm tight on cash now. I've spent the weekly pocket money. This is bad. Very bad. I've just like top up 10 bucks yesterday for my ez-link card and now it's finished. I'm using adult ez-link mind you. By this friday, I need to pay the payment for the topshop pullover. Online shopping, can cause serious damage to one's bank account. Let's see. How am I supposed to bring the subject on this to my dad? Increase in my pocket money perhaps? But it's harsh. It's actually enough for my 1 week expenses. It's just me who doesn't know how to control it. Maybe I shall sell my stuffs online? I shall think about that.

I think my entry is super long today. I don't like lectures in the afternoon. The timing is like so long. I'm wonder what's my plan for today. Get going now.

10:34 AM

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