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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Okay so it's already Saturday. Another week came and went just like that. It was another rough week for me but it's all good; at least that's how I'd rather see it for now. So today began with meeting bf and have lunch at lucky plaza. Great Singapore Sale is everywhere and it will end around 26 July I think. I'm just waiting for my birthday to come. *grinz* Saw Bebe but she didn't saw me. Ok, nvm. Esplanade was next and chill with Wani & Mira. Rauzan, we didn't bump into each other at all. On the way back from esplanade, bumped into Anne, my blogger. Oh how sweet. Next time, we hang out yeah? Dove chocolate is so sinful. Monday will be another media studies presentation. Gosh, when will this end? My group is doing advertisement on cosmetic products. Hid just sent two adevertisement on it. I choose the one with the model on it. It's so pretty and sweet. Gosh, I totally forgot to take photo of bobbi brown make-up counter. Alamak! And I'm still thinking whether to tutor bf's younger sis on english. I be a tutor??!! Lol. He got to be kidding me. I'm just scared that what if I tutor her but then she fail her english exam? I have the thinking that his parents will like blame me. It's not about the money or whatever. The tutoring part is difficult. I have to make the decision my today. Hmmm... *wonder* I have to attend my cousin's wedding tomorrow. Dread of wearing kebaya. But once in a while. Actually, I wanted to eat honey dew chicken noodle at puncak but it was jam packed. How annoying. Now, I'm salivating at the sight of this.

Picture credits to Munirah.

9:49 PM

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