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Friday, May 26, 2006

I woke up late to go to school for the first time. I set my cellphone alarm clock at 12.15pm. Thought my lecture starts at 2pm. Today, I'm supposed to have presentation for media studies. I wanted to go but I've not iron my clothes and even pack my bag. Ok, marks is given out for presentation. Joanne just called saying that Hid have not reach school yet. Ok, I'm panicking. Cause all the materials is with her. Joanne, Zuhri, Hid & Lathika will do the presentation without me. How sad. Gosh! Hopefully, Hid can sign the attendance for me and the lecturer will not find out. *cross finger* Yeah, I asked money from dad for the topshop pullover. Dad is always nice although he will nag and nag asking me not to overspend on clothes. He gave me extra bucks as I told him my pocket money have finished. I love my dad. He always give it whenever I need it. I sound so mean. So, here I am blogging and the same time msn-ing with Rauzan. He sounds so restless than me. Haha. I think he's busy doing layout. I'm so lazy to go down to buy breakfast for mum & grandmum. Troublesome. Wanted to call Mcdonald but then I just eaten that yesterday. But I'm hungry. I'm thinking whether to go for advertising & promotion managment at 2pm. I bet Hid won't be going. I'm not sure. Then who will sign the attendance for me? Sigh. Chaos day.

Oooh yanee, I've recieved the pink esprit polo already....

9:36 AM

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