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Sunday, May 21, 2006

//Edit at 12.20pm

Crap session with rauzan is fun. He's one hell of funny guy. We're both kinda fresh around 3am and talked all the way till 5am. Eventually he felt sleepy after that and he surrendered. While I slept around 6.30am to be precise and woke up around 11.45am. 5 hours of sleep only. Bro & dad went to work. Mum & sis enjoying their day at the zoo. While I'm just lazing around. Testimonial from Eqin in the morning really brighten up my day. I'm in super good mood. I want to clean up the house can.

x o x o.

Short trip to town. Just have lunch at lucky plaza and the guys play at arcade. City hall was next to have their jamming. 1 hour plus was gone and off to esplanade. I'm loving it at esplanade. Sat at one corner while the guys sat and lay down near the bay. Bf & I sat by the bay at about 8.30pm. Lovely place, with the sound of the waves, chugging of boats' engines, a ship's horn in the distance, the pale moon, the sparkling stars, the gentle breeze, a band performing. It was one of those beautiful tender moments that you'll replay in your mind over and over again. He wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his chest as we sat in comfortable silence. I'm happy with the way things are, even though I know we still have a long way to go and along the way there are bound to be rough patches. Before we sleep, we asked each other about 'what if?' questions. I bombarded him with lots of it and my only hope is that he'll be strong enough to endure it all.

His bandmates...

For now, the unwanted/hatred tags is no more. Hopefully. But I knew in silence, her so called chicas is always viewing my friendster profile. So what's your motive in doing that? But whatever it is, you lead your own life and I lead my own life.

Good morning. It's 3.00am stating on my cellphone. Suddenly I woke around 2.10am and now I can't sleep back. Just stay at home for today and back to school on monday.

2:55 AM

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