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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Update for yesterday. First and foremost, happy 17th birthday to my so called god brother, Sheede. Last minute plan to treat him lunch at banquet, jurong point. I'm broke and need to save badly. Before that, accompanied Hid in search for her pumps. Tsk. Fickle minded her. Done with all that, went home and plan to study and do a bit of my econs assignment. But have a lil misunderstanding with bf and I'm in no mood to do anything. But everything went well today. After break, skip marketing lesson and went off to meet bf at clementi. Train ride to paya lebar to post his uncle's parcel at singapore post. Lunch at banquet, jurong point. Sweet & sour chicken for me and he settled for hor fun seafood. 2 days straight been pigging out at banquet. Last minute plan to chill with Dinah at Jaz crib. I love to play with shermin (Jaz's dog). She's such a cutie. Normal girly stuffs we do. But didn't take pics that much. Was too engrossed with reading mags. Now, home sweet home. I'm beat. Been out since morning. Plan for thursday & friday, study at school library with Hid & Lathika. I must and ought to revise on econs and do abit of the assignment before this 3 may. Azahar, you promised to teach me on the assignment. You better! Ok, something wrong with blogger. Stupid blogger. I can't seems to upload the pics at Jaz's crib. Next time then. Running late now.

8:02 PM

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