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Saturday, April 29, 2006

This entry is for the girl. You know who you are. But I know you read my blog. Seems that you know me well enough. Yesterday's episode really opened up my eyes. I try to see good in everyone. If I were mean to you prior to yesterday, it's tit for tat. I did it knowingly. Why make things so ugly enthough you know you did that on purpose? So what's your motive on telling me via msn about my bf having a relationship with you since 1st april. Hey, I know him well. Don't you just manipulate the story on your own. I know you saw me before outside before. Probably alot of times. You purposely told me the "stories" so that I believed your words? Grow up! Even if it was a personal attack, think before you said. I do not think that my bf is wrong. Everyone thinks they are right. But... I must justify my stand. Have I changed? Maybe, maybe not. With time, true colours surface. To prevent the truth and reality from hurting, you tried to hurt my feelings . The mindset, mentality and whatever else in you is obviously too much that flexibility is not and cannot be the way to go. What are the resolution options? I do not know and probably will not try hard to figure out. But I won't buy your stories. You are trying very, very hard so that bf & I break up? Tsk. You twisted the stories & all. You are jealous. So damn jealous of my love life. Remember, jealousy won't make you pretty.

Please note: This was written with a heavy heart, not out to insult, offend or hurt anyone. Siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas.

10:03 AM

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