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Monday, April 03, 2006

My body still aches. My head feels heavy. After this short entry, I'll try to get some sleep. Spring clean my room in the afternoon. Shift the wardrobe against my bed and the tv/hi- fi set beside it. Swept the floor, re-arrange my stuffs on my study table & etc. Just need to buy a carpet and throw the cushions on the floor. Oh, bedsheets too. I want to paint my room to pink colour but I'm so lazy. Currently, it's yellow. Yucks! So I shall add into my wishlist. I I love rainy days. It is a nice change after days of sweltering heat. Today was a wet and cold day, perfect condition to be on bed and listening to the comforting sound of the rain falling on the window panes. Having a sudden crave of hot milo just a while ago but after raiding the kitchen, I realised there's no milo. Sob. I miss having waffles with ice cream, maple syrup and whipped cream. I can just imagine all that topping all over. Gosh, when can I go again to far east? Here's tomorrow event. Early in the morning, I'll accompany mum to market and pay the bills. In the afternoon, off to mdis. Err, tomorrow tuesday right? I think I'm going to drag bf to have the waffles as every tuesday is half price. I'll shall do that.

6:28 PM

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